5 Great Things To Do In The Holidays

School holidays can be the cause of a parents stress factors going through the roof

so here are 5 ideas to bring those stress factors into the fun zone.


1. Going on a visit to Grandma and Grandpas, for a day or a week, it’s fun for everyone.


2. Get out into nature – hike up a hill, stay overnight in a hut, cook on a fire.

It is always good to broaden the horizons of small people.

First tramp to Flora Hut

3. Have a grandparent (Oma) come to visit and give her a tour of your children’s favourite places,

with the children of course.

Visiting Miyazu Gardens with Oma.

4. Play in the snow or the sand, depending on the weather.

Building a snowman

5. Make something ordinary extraordinary eg. help your child make the transition from trike to bike.

I can do it!

A bit of forward planning can relieve the stress and create school holidays that become enduring memories.

Go on we know you can do it.

Happy Holidays



Big Happy Easter Hugs from us all at Jester House.

We love Easter, the 2 days off and the 2 days of hustle and bustle in the cafe. We love watching the children racing around the garden searching for eggs and then getting creative and designing their own Easter Eggs. We love seeing families getting together over a meal and enjoying a relaxed holiday time. We love the change to lighter mornings that Daylight Saving brings (but not the darker evenings). We love the yummy Easter treats – hot cross buns and chocolate eggs and bunnies. And we love the relaxed feel that Easter brings and serving you our special Jester House hospitality.

We love the annual FREE Easter Egg Hunt that is on Saturday and Sunday of Easter.

Gather your troops, book a table http://jesterhouse.co.nz/the-menu/and come on down and enjoy the fun.


Little Free Library at Jester House

The Little Free Library is now Open.

                                        Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon. Now, a new Little Free Library is open on the Tasman’s Great Taste Trail at Jester House,                                                                                    joining the movement to share books, bring people together and create communities of readers.

The small, frontyard book exchanges number over 60,000 around the world in 80 countries — from Iceland to Tasman to Pakistan.

   Little Free Library is a nonprofit organisation that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighbourhood book exchanges around the world.

            Through Little Free Libraries, millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

We are proud to have a Little Free library outside Jester House and look forward to seeing the coming and going of books and being its creative stewards.




   A Grand Opening was held on Friday evening with many books being donated and taken.

Speeches were made, cake eaten and lemonade drunk by neighbours from our wider community who came along to celebrate this new community asset situated on the Great Taste Trail outside Jester House.

It is open every day, 24 hours a day so you will never be short of a great read.

          Take a Book, Share a Book, Donate a Book.

Feel free to stop by anytime.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt


When our children were still at school, well actually Harriette(28) and Pip(27) are both still studying, the school holidays were always a time to kick back and relax. Being at home with no morning schedule was what they looked forward to most, that and having special time out with us.

It was always a bit of a challenge to find different activities for them to do. Something that was fun, energetic and that they subliminally learnt something in the process.

So when I had this clever idea of putting on school holiday activities at Jester House these 3 key points were firmly in my planning process. Create a fun activity that children of all ages can enjoy, that has them running around the garden in search of something and has an educational element.

I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome and this holidays activity – An Autumn Scavenger Hunt is no exception. Yesterday it was a pure delight to see so many children and many parents scooting around the garden in search of mushrooms, walnuts, autumn leaves, counting chickens and finding hidden animals.They learnt things like the difference between chestnuts and walnuts, what a persimmon tree looks like and what a rose arcade is. And for all their running about with clip board in hand they finished with a free autumn jelly treat.

My reward is seeing the pleasure on the children’s faces and watching whole families having a fun time together. I know Pip and Harriette would have loved doing this type of thing in the holidays when they were young and it is with them in mind that I create each school holiday activity for the pleasure of our young guests.

The Autumn Scavenger Hunt runs for the duration of the holidays and Jester House is open everyday (except Anzac Day) 9am to 4.30pm until the 25th July.

And the Winner is…..


School holidays are a fun time at Jester House as we run a free school holiday activity for all our younger guests. As Easter marked the beginning of this school holidays we ran with the Easter theme and held an Easter Egg hunt. Over the 2 week break we had had over 550 children take up the challenge and hunt for eggs and then enjoy an Easter treat from us.

While they were munching on their well earned treat they could then design their own Easter Egg and go in the draw to win a Jester House T-shirt. There were many entries and some fantastic designs.

The lucky winner was Olivia from Christchurch and she was thrilled to win, she wanted to come here straight away and collect it! Rather a long drive for that so we will pop it in the post and when it arrives she will be the most stylish girl in town.

We have a free holiday activity each school holidays. If you would like to know what is coming up you can either check out our Events page on the website or sign up to our Birthday Club and you will receive our newsletter and a free meal on your birthday. You can sign up on the Eat For Free website page.

We love seeing the enthusiasm of the children as they race around the garden and hearing their squeals of joy as they discover the next hidden treasure. It brings a big smile to our faces too.


The Great Easter Egg Hunt






Everybody loves Easter. It doesn’t come with the stress of Christmas, there is a 4 day holiday, long enough to go away and relax and there is of course all those delicious chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns. Steve, Harriette, Pip and I have always been lucky enough to be visited by the Easter Bunny who has hidden eggs in our garden and delighted us with the thrill of having to hunt for them.

With this in mind we have created The Great Jester House Easter Egg Hunt which started on Easter Saturday with a hiss and a roar as over 50 children throughout the day hunted for the beautifully painted eggs hidden in the garden. They recorded their finds and were then treated to an Easter cookie that they munched while designing their own Easter Egg in the      hope of winning a Jester House t-shirt.

IMG_6201 IMG_6198

It was wonderful to see the children rushing hither and yon looking for the eggs with other children or their parents helping them out when they got a bit stuck not being able to find that last one. The designs they have drawn are gorgeous and inspiring.

The hunt will continue through the school holidays giving the children a fun activity to do while their parents can sit and enjoy a relaxed coffee.

Happy Easter/School Holidays to everyone from the team at Jester House.IMG_6203