Winter Dining

IMG_4424The joy of sitting by a roaring open fire cannot be denied. Egypt, our 17 year old cat can testify to the benefits of warmth and comfort. I would go one step further and add a meal to the experience and that experience is complete.

The fire at Jester House is guaranteed to be blazing everyday in the winter months and it warms the whole cafe with such efficiency that guests who start by sitting next to it have to move a little further from the flame. So no matter where you sit you are going to be warm and comfortable while you enjoy your lunch or coffee. It is one of my pet hates – going out for lunch or dinner and being cold, it puts me off to the extent that even if the food was great I would only return in the warmer months.With that in mind I can guarantee that you won’t be cold dining inside at Jester House.

Also our winter menu is bursting with hearty meals ideal to warm you from the inside. Check out our winter menu at . One of my personal favourites is the Krishna Surprise Salad, it is really tasty with the combination of lentils, brown rice and roast vegetables with the added zing of feta and dukkah and of course our secret dressing that makes any salad worth eating. My other winter standard is soup,and Cat and Louie have been creating some very delicious flavours. Last week it was a creamy curried roast parsnip with apple and cashew nuts. Sounds odd I know but it was truly scrumptious, so much so that I had it, 3 days in a row, for lunch.

Winter is definitely the time of year when you can indulge in those heavier types of food that give us comfort in the colder months and what better way to enjoy them than by a roaring fire? My idea of winter bliss. Is it yours?